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Focus on Your Strengths

Never try to improve your weakness unless it’s 100% necessary to bootstrap your business.  Bootstrapping is when you cut corners on expenses and reinvest in your business to help it grow.  Meaning although a CRM would be nice you stick to an excel spreadsheet in order to save that $10 for month while reinvesting that $10 into money making investments.

Knowing your strengths is one of the biggest keys to running a successful business.  If you know you have a strength in sales then you need to get a fulfillment team in place.  Rather if you know that you’ve got a knack for fulfillment and can handle the expertise of training a team on how to fulfill all the orders that come in you should be focusing on that.  As I briefly mentioned in my background you should know your DISC personality.

Many people have gone above and beyond in their explanations behind DISC.  You should spend time researching those people.  There is a lot to be learned about personality types and in turn you’ll start to learn about your own strength.  You’ll notice what kind of person you are and in different situations you’ll be able to adjust yourself to work better with other people.  In the business world it’s all about relationships.  You need to be able to develop a strong relationship with associates, your team and your fans.  Knowing the DISC of the person that you’re trying to reach on a weekly basis to consume or use your product is of great importance.

Take a couple minutes and watch this Ted Talk and then Google “DISC”.

Please do it in that order.  The process will make so much more sense if you follow my instructions!

Here’s the video:

Hey Everyone!  You’re here because YOU want to make $$$ online.

I’m going to share you the Rules of Making Big $$$ online.

Can you wait?

(I doubt it!)

-Rah Mah