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Statistically speaking this will be the most traveled page besides the homepage of course.  People always need to feel assured when reading the background of someone they want to invest valuable time, income or effort in.  The background portion of your website will be key in turning people into warm prospects, shoppers and joining your fan base.  The biggest thing that you’ll want to figure out when designing a background page is your ideal customer.

My ideal customer has a S/I personality.  S stands for steadiness and is a part of the DISC personality typing method.  I stands for influence.

To talk to a S or I personality you need to be motivating and build them up.

I can do that, but now you know most of these backgrounds are rather fake.

In a nutshell I was once a struggling entrepreneur and turned my life around with the recipe that I’ll be explaining here.  Want to continue unlocking the secrets of making money online?

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